Tae Yang – Wedding Dress (English Subs + Download Links!)

November 12,, Dong Young Bae released ‘Wedding Dress’! It’s a really sad MV.. T_T *cries* The English subs are uploaded =D! ENJOY!! ****************************************************** I’m sorry if the translations are wrong! I gave my best effort to combine those translations from different sites! I’M SORRY XO ********************************************************** Download Links! for the MV: WMV = www.megaupload.com AVI [FIXED] = www.mediafire.com MP4 = www.mediafire.com for the song [FIXED!] MP3 = www.mediafire.com EVERYBODY!! IT’S FIXED =D! Some people said the link for the mp3 doesn’t work, so I fixed it 😉 It’s with mediafire now! Please report if a download link doesn’t work! ************************************************************ I read a lot of questions about the piano parts of the song. So here is the answer: It’s from wedding march ;D *********************************************************** I DON’T OWN THE SONG OR THE CLIP! ALL COPYRIGHT GOES TO TAE YANG AND YG-ENTERTAINMENT!!
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