BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype – www.bumptop.com

Download now from bumptop.com ! BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

26 Replies to “BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype – www.bumptop.com”

  1. Why would anyone want to replace the tidiness if folders and the start menu to recreate a messy desktop.

  2. @Scoonezy132 Yeah, because when Google bought youtube, they got rid of it too.
    Chances are they bought it to use it. It will show up sooner or later.

  3. Google, I hate you. Why did you have to buy this so noone can get it? Were you jealous? Just because these people made something better than you could, you got rid of it. Thanks a bunch, Google.

  4. I find this pretty counter-rational – the point of using a computer IS keeping all my data nicely ordered and easily accessed. If I had it all on paper, it’d be a real mess.

    Besides, handling real objects versus virtual physical objects. Hands win any virtual method 🙂

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  6. @BolisticAvenger lol put it all in the corner, and stack some files labeled “SCHOOL” infront of it. lol

  7. Ye this is cool but… what i was looking for is a program that makes the whole windows in 3D, and when i start per example videogames, i can watch them in 3D with the red-blue thingy like the movies we watch on TV.

    there are programs to make movies 3d, pictures 3d, etc. but none i cant find for the whole windows :S

  8. It looks great, but it still needs more development. Say I open up that document or webpage, I’ll still get a blocky user interface, with a desktop that fun, you’re still going to get static browser windows.

  9. @zaqxen yeah google buy it so it’s absolutely usefull… Not quite sure about it’s usefullnes. It gets just less organised and more complex to manipulate, and you get a large waste of cpu and ram. I’ve tryed it and never did anything productive with it. It just melts the dissadvantage of a mouse to a real life phisics environement, so it’s closer to a game than something usefull and productive. And it looks ugly.

  10. I have read most of the comments, some say it’s crap, some say its useless please before saying anything negative.. just try to think why would google buy this thing if it is useless or crap… kindly use that little piece of brain on your head please!!!

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