Automated IV Gets You Links and Traffic From Search Engines With Video again brings you a Automated Tool to save you time and helps you those top listings in Google. Automated IV is a macro created in iMacros. Automated IV is a customized video uploader written as a macro. One of benefits of using macros to automate your business is the user is in control of the automation process. If the user of the macro wishes to modify the automation of video uploading the code written by iMacros is very simple to understand for the user to modify. Automated IV is one of the SEO tools created by InternetToolsU to get you those top listings in Google easily

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  2. Instant backlinking to this website. All you have to do is register an account and you are good to go. You are allowed to do this for each website you own. This is neat.
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  3. this guy doesn’t know a thing!! Perhaps you should focus on bringing up your own site before giving advices!! God! your site needs a make over it is the worst! get a crash course on internet marketing before you give advices!!! oh Please….

  4. Voonee is a good place for backlinks, It the only microblog site I know with dofolllow backlinks, twitter is a no follow and I didn’t know that till the other day.

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  6. Automatic Brute SEO software to get ur site at all top 5 pages of google

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  7. Yeah, it’s a plug-he even admits it. But it’s also entertaining and just plain fun. Good job on this video.

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