O’Rourke Hospitality Interviews Tom Critchlow on Hotel Link Building at the SEOmoz Seminar 2009

bit.ly O’Rourke Hospitality attended the SEOmoz PRO Training Seminar 2009 and interviewed guest speaker, Tom Critchlow, on how hotels can build more links by leveraging their USP, PR, and organic growth. O’Rourke specializes in the hospitality industry, and we aim to provide your hotel with useful tips on how you can improve your website optimization. Link building plays a major part in increasing your website’s visibility and page rank, and can help your hotel listing rise to the top of the search engine results pages. We enjoyed Critchlow’s talk on link building, and wanted to share some of his insights with you, so we asked him his thoughts on how the hotel industry in particular could increase their page rank with link building. Tom O’Rourke, founder/president of O’Rourke Hospitality Marketing, interviewed Critchlow and asked him to expand upon the following question that many hotels are asking, “What advice would you give today to a hotel who is ranking somewhere between 3-4 in Google right now and have finished out all their on-page SEO? What do you think they should do moving forward?” “Link building is the Key!” said Critchlow. We agree with Critchlow in that hotels need to identify their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). As he states in the video, “If you haven’t got a USP figure one out!” Perhaps your USP is that you are a boutique hotel, or an eco-friendly hotel, or conference-focused. Establish your USP and promote it through creative public relations. Once

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