Bing Powering Yahoo, Google Rankings, Pink AdWords & Upsetting Images – This week at the Search Engine Roundtable, I show screen shots of Bing actually powering Yahoo. Yes, up to 25% of Yahoo’s search sessions will be powered by Bing. Google misclassified some sites as parked domains, killing their rankings. Google did a minor PageRank update. Twitter is ranking incredibly well in Google. Bing revamped their Webmaster Tools, there are pros and cons. Google totally redesigned Google Images, again, pros and cons. Google continued to test pink backgrounds for AdWords ads. Google finally restored the AdSense publisher who was hacked and out 000. Google Places charts and reports are delayed. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all announced earnings this week. Half of the SEOs out there don’t listen to Matt’s nofollow advice. SEOs are also split on buying links from brokers or not. The logos from this week include Moon Day, Nam June Paik, Columbia Doodle, Alphonse Mucha, PS Kroyer and today is Hot Dog day. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Screen Shot: I Am Seeing Bing Results on Yahoo : Searchers Seeing Bing Powered Yahoo Results : Google Misclassifying Some Sites As Parked Domains & Booting Them From Search Results? : Minor Google PageRank Update : July 2010 : Twitter Usernames Ranking Very Well in Google : Bing Launches New Webmaster Tools, Drops Link Reports : Webmasters Complain

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