Blog SEO: SEO Mistakes and Doubts that Bloggers Have Often Part 2 is here: Part 1 is here: I was highly active in SEO forums. Bloggers are asking even small SEO doubts as mysterious things. So I here give some search engine optimization for blogger. 1. How to optimize my blog images for Search engines? Give relevant alt tag for your image. Save and upload images with relevant names. Use Image sitemaps. Place images to near the relevant text content. Can I make my blog do follow? or Can i comment on do follow blogs? Mat cutts Google engineer says that you can make your blog comments as do follow but there is chance you may loss reputation in reader eyes Do follow blogs passes less page rank through comments. So you are getting low page rank. 3. How to use Meta tags, keywords, descriptions? Often bloggers ask about meta details. Google does not consider meta keywords in search engine ranking. You no need to give meta details. There is no necesasry. You should not able to control what shows in meta description area. Off page SEO Building links is hard. If you write quality content, then links will flow easily to your blog. Do not try to use any black hat techniques. On page SEO You can use interlinks seo, outgoing links seo. Write effective titles.

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