Search Engine Optimization and Blogs

Great 10 minute lesson on SEO and Blog Marketing. Check out my new Twitter Web App for Twitter Marketing. It has built in SEO
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26 Replies to “Search Engine Optimization and Blogs”

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  4. Google has changed so much in the last year that no SEO video updated before this summer will help you :p

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  6. Blogs do play a huge role in the interenet now so good call on that one. But none of us could have guessed back then how big social networking sites like twitter and facebook are today.

  7. @komentatoriusxxx no they dont… their info is no good and since your post is oh-so-spammy, i’m assuming you’re offended that i’m saying this about your own site. sorry, bro.

  8. most of what you said is either wrong or outdated. what are some examples of your words actually working positively and sites being successful?

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  13. Umm… depends it you prefer CRT! Most people have LCD’s these days! hehe šŸ™‚

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