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This is sample of the Blogs course, part of the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER(TM) Certification. To purchase REW, please visit This module details the benefits of using blogs as a tool for both corporate communications within the agency and brokerage, marketing for brokerages & agencies, and finally, for the sole real estate agent. Given the sole agent (the primary scope of the course), blogs allow the agent blogger the ability to articulate their viewpoints and demonstrate expertise on matters pertaining to themselves, the real estate market, and their community. Also include marketing advantages of search engine marketing (SEO), direct communications, brand building, competitive differentiation, relationship marketing, exploiting your niches, media & public relations, position yourself as an expert, etc.

Social Media Marketing Case Study: Blogs

“The New Urbanism Blog is something we really wanted to do for a while, mainly as a way to get the word out more about not just what we think the virtues of walkable communities are, but to educate, advocate and promote our company,” says Kevin Klinkenberg, Principal of 180° Design Studio. Klinkenberg has seen the blog as a great tool to reach out and speak to the larger community interested in urban design. It allows Klinkenberg the opportunity to do short pieces that are very topic oriented to see if there is a response to them out of the community. Klinkenberg really likes the ability to use the blog from an advocacy standpoint and has found it to be a better way to connect with the online community. Valerie Jennings, CEO of Jennings Social Media Marketing http found a lot of outcomes early on that led to believe the site could be transformed into an online community due to the type of posts Kevin was contributing to the site and the tremendous amount of comments that were coming in. In many aspects, the site has not only been positioned as an online community, but it is also a resource for those in the industry who are particularly interested in walkable communities. As a result, Jennings has a launch pad to position the company, Kevin and his business partner as thought leaders. Jennings will move forward launching the site as a thought leader in the industry as well as incorporate more videos, more social media releases and more blog posts

SEO For Blogs Part 6 – Everything You Need To Know About Off Page Optimization Ok, now that you know everything you need to know for on page optimization for seo for your blogs, it’s time to look at the other side… the off page optimization side… And that’s what David Jenyns gets into today… There are some really clever and powerful tips inside today’s video… and they’re all really simple to implement as well! Talk soon! Gideon Shalwick
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SEO For Blogs Part 2 – The Fundamentals Of Setting Up Your Blog For SEO This is part 2 of the amazing interview I had with David Jenyns on SEO for Blogs – inside today’s part, David get’s into some more detailed answers as to how to set up your blog for SEO. Today’s video is all about the fundamentals, and you’ll learn things like – why it’s important to rank for #1 and not just #2 on Google… – how to make sure you select the right domain name for SEO… – the difference between ranking for a brand and ranking for keywords… Inside the next video, David and I delve into A LOT more detail about the specifics of SEO for your blog. Enjoy! Gideon Shalwick PS: Don’t forget to sign up for my free report on video blogging here:

Learn about Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO techniques and which website strategies that would work the most optimal way for your website. Johan Hedin with has over 11 years experience in the SEO industry and is the managing director for Marketing Ignite. He shares some important facts about how to build your website for optimal results in the search engines. Check out more online marketing training videos at Learn more how Marketing Ignite can optimize your website (on-site and off-site) the most optimal way for top placements in Google at
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Free Tool – How To Build BackLinks and Social BookMarks for Your Blogs and Videos There are mamy ways to increase your “google” value for your blogs and videos One of the SEO (search engine optimization) tools is backlink building and social bookmarking In this Video Wes Hazlitt demonstrates a new tool that you can access for free That will allow you to post 10 links a day to content that you manage
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Part of a serious of videos about search engine optimization. This first lesson just covers the importance of building quality links. I’ll be adding more videos to this series in the future. If you’d like a free guide to link building, please visit my site, – thanks for watching.
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Search Engine Optimization and Blogs

Great 10 minute lesson on SEO and Blog Marketing. Check out my new Twitter Web App for Twitter Marketing. It has built in SEO
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Learn the secret to getting High PR Backlinks from Google for FREE using Google Profiles
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IDX: (Internet Data Exchange) Why is putting MLS data on Real Estate Blogs important?

Northpoint Social Media. Howard Chung and Jason Fox talk about IDX and the benefits of upgrading to this service on your Blog. Northpoint Social Media offers an IDX integrated Blog product.

GotIDX is a service that offers Real Estate agents the ability to display MLS Listings on their website through an IDX / Broker Reciprocity solution. This video provides a quick overview of our service.