SEO For Blogs Part 2 – The Fundamentals Of Setting Up Your Blog For SEO This is part 2 of the amazing interview I had with David Jenyns on SEO for Blogs – inside today’s part, David get’s into some more detailed answers as to how to set up your blog for SEO. Today’s video is all about the fundamentals, and you’ll learn things like – why it’s important to rank for #1 and not just #2 on Google… – how to make sure you select the right domain name for SEO… – the difference between ranking for a brand and ranking for keywords… Inside the next video, David and I delve into A LOT more detail about the specifics of SEO for your blog. Enjoy! Gideon Shalwick PS: Don’t forget to sign up for my free report on video blogging here:

Learn about Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO techniques and which website strategies that would work the most optimal way for your website. Johan Hedin with has over 11 years experience in the SEO industry and is the managing director for Marketing Ignite. He shares some important facts about how to build your website for optimal results in the search engines. Check out more online marketing training videos at Learn more how Marketing Ignite can optimize your website (on-site and off-site) the most optimal way for top placements in Google at
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