Real Estate SEO, MLS Import Real Estate Websites, Integrated MLS Solutions

Real Estate SEO, How To Import MLS Listings, MLS Import Real Estate Websites, Integrated MLS Solutions

BoostMyBusiness Website Design Perth 57 Towncentre Dr Thornlie WA 6108 (08) 9467 7641 – Let me go ahead and show you an example. I am here at YouTube and I typed in Philadelphia Salon. So let’s say for example salons in Philadelphia. This person here made a video where they talk about a certain selling that they did and it has over 8000 views. That’s incredible. What is happening is that all kinds of businesses are using YouTube to advertise. Let’s say for example real estate Philadelphia. Again, I’m just going with Philadelphia. Let’s see what searches come up here. Look at this. This is someone here that has real estate in Philadelphia, 1000 views, 1500 views on a condo in Philadelphia and it goes on and on. Essentially what happens is getting a video. I know that some businesses have already spent a lot of money on commercials and YouTube doesn’t cost anything to upload your video to that so it’s an incredible way, there’s a lot of traffic already there and actually Google owns YouTube, so what’s happening now is a lot of video searches are coming up, videos actually coming up in the search results for Google so let’s go ahead and summarize the advantages to using video sites for your websites.
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