BringMeMore – the best way to Google With BringMeMore browser addon, you can search multiple Google sources (Videos, Blogs, Songs…) without leaving the page you’re on, and without even typing keywords, all done with single mouse click Using BringMeMore, you can upgrade every web page you surf to, with rich and fresh content from the entire web. Finally, I loved “MSN vs GOOGLE – Search Engine Rap Battle” video (http from pantlessknights Here are his LYRICS: Google: Your new system hasnt gotten many users They only use Vista cuz it came on their computers Step to me – Ill wrestle you blue My dyslexic fans, they call me “El Goog” Well connected – i got crazy links SEO just means what google thinks Smart people, they wanna work for me That’s why I jack you for your employees Gmails got females – on fire like foxes i’m six gigs deep, up in their inboxes Search market share: 4% you 68 me. this battle rap is through MSN: You bought Youtube for 2 billion bucks He bought Youtube, the search still sucks Your icon’s a joke – it’s just a doodle Your name sounds like a baby retard poodle Youre net apps – they’re slow- they dont work, nobody uses them, they go for the search I own your platform, I own IE, I own all degrees of the game, 3-60 You steal my people? heres the stor-y I buy Facebook and jack your employees You might have users, but they’ll soon be leavin ya cuz your search results say search Wikipedia Enjoy
Video Rating: 2 / 5 Learn SEO basics and how to add meta tags to your website using an html editor.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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