– What is SEO and Does My Small Business Really Need It? Learn the basics to SEO and how search engine optimization can get more online traffic for your website BIO: Kevin Gaither is a marketing and sales expert at TRANSCRIPT: I’m Kevin Gaither, the Director of Middle Market Sales for, and today we’re going to talk about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, and how this can help your business, and I’m going to help give you two tips and tactics that you can implement today for improved SEO results. This is going to be important for you because there’s over 16 billion searches done a month on the major search engines and over 75 percent of the users click on the organic, or the free ads, on these major search engines. But best of all, if you do this properly, this is free marketing for your business. Search engine optimization is the process of striving to get your website listed highly within the organic or the free results. On most major search engines, when you do a search, the paid ads occur at the top and on the right-hand well, and the free or the organic ads occur in the main well underneath those ads. As you might imagine, this is quite a competitive endeavor to get your site to rank highly within these results. The two things you need to take into consideration are relevance and authority. Relevance is how well your web page content matches the search that the user put in. The search engines take into consideration things, such as your page title tag, as well as, of course, the

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