Front Page Of Youtube in 16 Minutes – My Video Ranking Results

This video is just to show you how powerful the SEO techniques that I use can be. Within 16 minutes of uploading my previous video, it’s ranking shot straight to the top. This is the kind of results I show my subscribers how to achieve. If you would like to see how I did it, visit my website at: Read through the site, absorb the information and apply it to your site or blog. It’s just that SIMPLE. Thanks for taking the time to watch my video, and don’t forget to subscribe. Take care.

7 Replies to “Front Page Of Youtube in 16 Minutes – My Video Ranking Results”

  1. @alnizak100 Early bird gets the first worm. ^_^ It would take forever to explain in detail, but it could be summed up as “smart marketing”.

  2. dont buy into the crap there is no tricks it is all about entertainment

  3. ha ha you make funny video. You can typ in the link to my videos and they are the first ones there. Now doss this mean it will get viewed. No and as you can see your video has been up for years. I got more views in one day than this video did. doss it mean Im gonna be ritch proble not.

  4. Can you make a more direct link to how you did it? I went to your website but I could not find how u did it because of all the tabs.

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