Geronimo Descendants Sue Skull and Bones The Secret Society At Yale University For Return Of Remains

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14 Replies to “Geronimo Descendants Sue Skull and Bones The Secret Society At Yale University For Return Of Remains”

  1. It was really a shock to me that they stole Sherlock Holmes’ body. Since he’s a fictional character and all, that must have been very difficult.

  2. George W. Bush is the reincarnation of Geronimo. So in a way he has cursed the Bush family based on the way the world feels about his presidency.

  3. Does anyone know if American Indians, specifically the Apache nation, believe that the spirit can pass to the next life if the remains are so abused?

  4. Skull & Bones promotes War as one of its themes.

    Geronimo was a great Native American Warrior.

    I think there was a reason they took his particular bones.

    Skull & Bones performs some strange rituals.

  5. I read that they have Geronimo’s body in Skull and Bones headquarters. If it’s true they must recover it, and give it back. Isn’t it a crime to do that? I read it a while back. I seem to remember it was part of an initiation or something like that, but I don’t remember now where I read it.

  6. Geronimo is rumored to be at Yale, and both Bush and Kerry did go to Yale and were part of the skullls and bones society.

    Obama, however, went to Columbia. I find it funny if its true he is being sued.

  7. great video obaid, it’s refreshing to hear bedtime stories after all these politics

  8. Geronimo and his elder “The Dreamer”
    both men’s skulls are sitting in some neocon’s collection

  9. I didn’t know they had Geronimo’s remains. Those people are known to raid cemeteries and take skulls or whole bodies for their demon rituals behind closed doors in Yale campus or to keep for “spirits” within the skull…

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