Get PR 5-9 One Way Links For Free And Completely Dominate Your Niche Through Free Advertising In this video I show you how to get highly relevant one ways links to your site with authority PR5-9 websites absolutely free and honestly. This is a simple strategy that if applied over one year will have your website dominating it’s niche. Cost is only a little elbow grease. Let me know what you think in the comments area. Thanks. Matthew Meyer. The Free Ad Forum.
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3 Replies to “Get PR 5-9 One Way Links For Free And Completely Dominate Your Niche Through Free Advertising”

  1. matthew, thanks for the info concerning relevant blogs. i think i can do what you are talking about unlike a lot of info that seems to be over my head. joe marko

  2. Yes this is true. Most often the homepage is ranked above the sub pages. But the important thing is that these pages really get indexed in the search engines. Even the lower PR rated pages Forum posts are consistently found ranked highly is natural search engine listings. Actually I probably should have taken out the whole PR thing. It has become much less important. Thanks for the comment.

  3. The problem with the advice your giving is yes the home page may have a page rank of 5 but not the page you posted your link on. The actual page is were you want to check the pr. So pages on forums can have a good page rank. You want to download the google toolbar thats free to check the pr of every page so much easier you can see in your browser.

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