Google Farmer Update, Overstock Penalized, Bing’s Facebook Likes & Mobile SEO – Busy week in search, yet again. Google released their second of two algorithm updates, this one targets ‘content farms.’ Overstock was penalized by Google for a neat link building technique. Bing integrated the Facebook Likes data even more deeply into the search results. Google documented more on mobile SEO best practices and I summed up the key points. Google added recipes to the left side bar, it is driven by rich snippets. Google is more likely to now change your title tag. Should you host your images on your site or on a social image site? A kid is complaining that his dad is spamming his site in Google. Bing and Yahoo is not doing all that well competing with Google in paid search. SMX West is in a week and a half, we will be covering it live. Check out these 0 custom nike Google sneakers. Google had a logo for Brancusi but no logo for President’s Day, like Bing,, Dogpile and others. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google’s Farmer Update Live: 12% Of Google’s Results Forever Changed :’s Great Rankings Got Them Penalized In Google : Bing Increases Integration With Facebook Likes : Google On Mobile SEO: GoogleBot & URL Structure : GoogleBot Caught Masking Around As An iPhone : Google Adds Recipe View : Google Not Listening To Your Title Tag? You’re Not Alone : www

Briefly describes how to set up a simple sitemap.xml file that can be manually modified and uploaded to Google to ensure they can access all your web pages regardless of broken links. For more information or questions visit my website at
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