Google I/O 2010 – Fireside chat with the Enterprise team

Google I/O 2010 – Fireside chat with the Enterprise team Fireside Chats, Enterprise Chris Vander Mey, Scott McMullan, Ryan Boyd, David Glazer, Evan Gilbert With the launch of the Google Apps Marketplace, we’ve introduced a new way to expose your software to businesses – and a new way to extend Google Apps. If you’re interested in building apps, what we’re thinking about, or if you have other questions about the Marketplace, pull up a chair. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to
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A panel of experts and officials discuss energy security as part of the Clean Energy Economy Forum. July 27, 2010.

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  1. We need to keep Earth as natural as possible. Meaning when we build, we must be very careful not to damage the natural surrounding ecology. To every Centimeter.

  2. They all want some of the grant money.. it helps with their departments bugets..

  3. @EagleTechnologyCMMS Tax incentives for businesses that don’t pollute is a great idea. As is highlighting the 1000’s of new jobs to be produced by clean energy manufacturing and distribution and also highlighting the improved energy security issues.

  4. @kaieteurdevon I agree completely but what we need to focus on is making that energy more affordable and available. It has come a long way hence why more organizations and communities are opting for renewable energy. Those that have not either do not have access to it, cannot afford it, or are ill informed about the topic.

  5. The Rothschilds are enslaving the People of the US via the fraudulent criminal conspiracy known as the illegal, unConstitutional Federal Reserve. The entire US government is now simply a puppet of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

    “End the Fed”

    Every political candidate must be evaluated based upon this single all telling crucial issue. You are either with the People or you are with the Rothschilds and their agents, the international bankers.

    This is the new American litmus test.

  6. @afghandaveokie Probably one of the best written drunken responses I’ve ever had the chance to read…while sober. I take umbrage with your position on capitalism (it’s dying a horrible, slow death and taking with it most of humanity), and I do agree that socialism, in its purest form, doesn’t work in modern human society, but, well, fukk it, ants do it better anyhow, so we’re already beaten there. Rilly sorry you couldn’t find the “Lee Marvin” quote…that’s a good one.

  7. Are you fukkin’ kidding me? I typed in “Lee Marvin” and “he did it… he missed the barn.” Those were from the movie Cat Ballou. I didn’t know I was gonna get a lesson on how to thwart capitalism by some socialist bitch talking about how our government was protecting me from myself. That idiot has spent the entire time it has taken my drunk ass to type this to say….. exactly nothing. Leave it to a politician to take something simple and make it complicated… and waste my time.

  8. Old fashioned, dirty, fossil fuels have no place in our future. We are more advanced than that. Clean renewable energy sources, easily have the capability to power all our needs + some. Continued expansion and improvements in renewable energy technologies will produce an abundance of jobs and financial security.

    There is plenty of environment friendly energy on our planet
    And probably best for environment is “land tidal hydro energy”
    using huge tides.
    for electricity and electricity can be used to produce hydrogen.

  10. I would also disagree that solar and wind cannot power our needs. The only restraint for these two forms of energy is scalability. The amount of energy that lands on the earth from the sun in one second is enough to power the world for 500,000 years. Giant solar arrays orbiting the earth in a geostationary orbit can beam back energy in the form of microwaves. North Dakota and Wyoming can be blanketed with wind turbines. By the way, Texas now has the largest wind turbine farm in the U.S.

  11. You think nuclear power = security? That is even more far removed from reality. First of all, nuclear power plants are incredibly expensive to build with a long horizon on ROI. That makes it a risky proposition to investors. The other issue which has still not been solved is the problem of what to do with the waste. Ask anyone living near Yucca Mountain in Nevada if they would welcome nuclear waste in their backyard.

    So no, nuclear power is far too expensive and risky.

  12. @dbrotman,
    Err, no its not about “security”. You think electric cars will provide energy security? Where do you think the rare earths they require are mined? It sure isn’t the US. You’re simply trading one form of dependence for another.

    I’ll ignore the fact that it’s simply physically impossible to power more than a small fraction of our energy needs with wind and solar. Nuclear is the only real alternative … and eco-fascists hate it even more than fossil fuels.

  13. Use mighty power of nature
    In the northwestern Australia, we have huge tides,
    huge deserts, huge evaporation and huge dry rivers and lakes.
    Huge 12m tidal erosion can revive old dry paleo dormant once mighty rivers, creeks and lakes,
    desalinate the country and change deserts to rain forests to provide more rain across Australia
    World population is growing rapidly and we need more energy, food, land and water.

  14. Of course it is about security. What would happen to the price of oil if Iran decides to lob a missile at Israel and the Mideast turns into a sea of flames? What an ignorant comment. Go back to school.

  15. People are so sick of the word Security popping up every time a spokes person for a large Government or corporate powers show there face.

  16. Free Energy is real and its here but the coverup is strong, if u are interested in a REAL free energy machine then

    just go to LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and download the blueprints ,it is probably the ONLY working magnet

    motor out there. Join the free energy revolution!!

  17. When bacteria contact with coal, they generate electricity through their body. It is not through biochemistry, it is through law of physics. This cannot be called clean energy if we are phobic about bacteria.

  18. a lot of money is made in energy. oil, coal, solar, wind… energy is something that we need to make domestic and give people jobs instead of selling something they don’t want or care about. [credit cards, cars..]

  19. @articulateqd hey man crazy question but, is this bad company related? this video is a related video to a bad company video i made. I clicked it wondering what it was and it makes no sence being related to my video. then i saw your comment mentioned bad company, the plot thickned.

  20. @Lifeisincredible911 I understand what you’re saying and hope, (though I probably have already), that I haven’t offended you. I believe Jesus is the messiah, but metaphorically. The Kingdom of Heaven of which he spoke was not the afterlife. Rather, this life is the Kingdom of Heaven, though some view it as hell and turn themselves away from God. As for scripture, it’s possible that Jesus was the one predicted, yet I still disbelieve he physically performed miracles.

  21. @BrutalDrumPrimate The human birth of Christ is preceded nearly a thousand years earlier by Isaiah, Joel, Daniel, and many other scriptures when God said He is coming. Therefore, Jesus is much older, for He always was. Some scripture has been re-confirmed via dead sea scrolls. Jesus was not a magician. He is the Messiah.

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