How to Sell Your Home in A Difficult Market

Because there are many listings on the market today, your home must be that “shiny penny” that catches the buyers’ eye if you want to sell your home quickly. Kay Barchetti of Coldwell Banker Real Estate explains the importance of re-inventing your home listing by focusing on the best features of your home, and preparing your home so stands out from the other homes on the market. Featured Guest: Kay Barchetti, Coldwell Banker, Mobile: 412-691-5086, Business:412-366-1600 344, web: Filmed at Molyneaux Tile Carpet Wood in Pittsburgh, PA. http Email your questions about flooring to and we will publish them and our answers in video.
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11 Replies to “How to Sell Your Home in A Difficult Market”

  1. I wonder how Barchetti broke her hand? Could it have been laying the smack down on some improper home colors on the web?

  2. its a tough market out there this site really helped me as realtor….. myepicbiz com

  3. Selling Expired listings is not for the faint of heart. Most first time agents only do it once or twice, then move on to easier deals. Only truly dedicated agents can deal with expired listing situations. Often times it means dealing with hard to communicate with sellers and/or less than show able homes. Both can be draining. Only truly outstanding agents can prove them selves as Agents that turn these types of homes.

  4. She does have one of the higher listing/closing ratios in this market and that is why we asked her to be in this video.

  5. This realtor if focusing on selling difficult houses, does not have a real business. She is focusing on expired listings which is a strategy of new, rookie realtors without a lot of experience. Get yourself a top agent with a full time asst and a buyer agent.

    Make sure you have an “easy exit listing agreement” which allows you to fire the agent for any reason if you are not happy.

    This agent is not an expert.

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