Is there such a thing as building too many links?

Matt, Is there such thing as building to many links, if you’re following Google’s webmaster guidelines exactly? Too many where you would get banned, even if you’re following the rules? Thanks, Mark Mark Schneider, Denver, Colorado
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  1. hello, where can i send the question i have?
    My question is, i have 87% search engine traffic on my site(Forum, online for 5 years), and i heard from someone here in Greece, that there is a danger when the percentage is that high. (that i am depending on what google will change with algorhythms). How much of that is true? (the percentage has always been high but it even got higher the last few years)

  2. No follow links are good as well, all things be natural some will have no follow. I agreee get as many links as you can with good anchor text.

  3. @susheel02 Yes, I know they follow it for their own benefit, in order to keep a complete inclusive index (even if link/site is delegated to the supplementary index) they just have to have it and know about it. *BUT* following the link and even indexing it gives YOU no extra weight (PR Juice) in their algorithmic calculations. Meaning you can have a 1000 nofollow links with no juice and your competitor has very few with Juice and they will rank better than you (if all other factors are equal).

  4. @iLovePalestineDotCom Hi! If you watch one of Matt’s earlier videos, you’ll see that Google no longer honors the ‘no-follow’ tag. They follow links with nofollow too.

  5. @iLovePalestineDotCom Hi! If you watch one of Matt’s earlier videos, you’ll see that Google no longer honors the ‘no-follow’ tag. They follow links with nofollow too

  6. great organic way i.e Twitter, Facebook etc… erm…ever heard of sponsored links on those two social network?

  7. If the notion of building natural links is the fact that, in googles eyes, the webmaster can’t create their own links without being penalized, and that other people must link to your site naturally because of such great content, then how the hell are people supposed to know about your awesome content if you don’t already rank in the SERPS?!

    Google doesn’t rank you #1 based on your great content, if they did then we wouldn’t need to be watching Matt give advice.

  8. You guys whining about your “natural linking” no longer working never understood “natural linking” in the first place. The social media links you and your link-dropping zombies create are NOT natural links. Artificial links are a self-defeating proposition because you’re drinking the foolish SEO Kool-aid that says you have to obtain as many links as you can in as many ways as you can.

    Quit writing crap SEO content and write content people WANT to link to.

  9. @TechieGeek1 this is a great relevant point, and deserves some comeback from Google please.

  10. you make it sooo simple. I get paid for links on my site, almost every month. I don’t care, someone has to sponsor my work. There will always have a demand for quality content.

  11. Interestingness? I see you went to the same school of English as George W. Bush… Another good video nevertheless. Cheers Matt.

  12. @Hatikvahh Most blogs are set to nofollow these days (based on the default settings for a lot of hosting platforms anyway).

  13. What google doesnt want to realize: there are only a few kinds of people who naturally links to websites with dofollow, these are the bloggers, the rest of people just link to websites from nofollow social networks. The time when some people used to create sites like : my favorites sites, is over, hosting is expensive and webmasters arent wasting their time linking just like that. Now Matt search “debt consolidation (city)” go and tell us if the first ones are there because of natural linking.

  14. To continue with my comment: It’s very difficult to create some whitehat linkbait for sites like blogs. I think even a blog post with thousands of visitors every day could only receive one or two editorial links per day, and you know that won’t help our sites when we have competitors who build 200-300 whitehat links per day by commenting on sites and posting on forums. How are we supposed to take your advice and at the same time have a successful website?

  15. Matt you’re right about the quality of editorial links, but it’s not so easy for people like me. I have a great site with unique helpful content, but in all my time being a webmaster I’ve never received a link from another site without having to contact the other site myself. It’s easier for people like you to say because the fact that you work at Google and make all these videos means people see you with increased authority and that helps all your websites gain links.

  16. Lets say you have awesome content and people are linking to it. The problem is they will not link to it using keyword focused anchor text. So the genuine editorial links that are mentioned in the video don’t help you rank for the relevant keywords.

  17. If you own a mortgage company or a baby diaper making company how in the world do you follow the same strategy as Google, Digg, Twitter, and Facebook for getting backlinks?

    It’s impossible and silly to think that only by becoming a giant content farmhouse is the way to get good backllinks. Some people have to work for them Mr. Cutts šŸ™‚

  18. the problem is that not all industries and websites have editorial value or nothing cool about them..for example a debt consolidation website..what about those websites?

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