Will Google penalize sites which only link using the nofollow attribute?

As many webmasters are linking only in nofollow killing the natural way of links do you think Google will penalize people who only link out with nofollow attribute in the future? Johan Tavard, Hua Hin, Thailand

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  1. @Nanowarex Is there any need for any video to be in 1080p? Why do you think people upload the highest resolution videos they can?

  2. I think you completely avoided the intent of the question. For example, every external link on wikipedia is nofollow. It’s up to Google’s to decide whether or not to “obey” the nofollow tag.

    As a webmaster, should every external link on my site be nofollow?

  3. @qwv803 You’re just too fast for us! šŸ˜‰ The video becomes available as soon as the first transcoding is complete, so you caught it before the other versions were finished processing. Don’t worry, we upload in 1080p, so you should see that available soon.

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