Kingdome City – Jeddah

King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques unveiled and inaugurated the two colossal projects of Kingdom City in Jeddah and Kingdom Tower in Jeddah in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz, HRH Prince Khaled Alfaisal Governor of Makkah Province, HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Chairman of Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) and Eng. Adel Muhammad Faqih, Mayor of Jeddah and other members of the royal family. The unveiling of the designs and plans of the tower that will adorn the city of Jeddah and will be over 1000 meters high, was held at the opening of a major international architectural exhibition Towards the First World in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on Saturday 11th October 2008. KHC was the main sponsor of this historical event. KHCs two projects: Kingdom City and Kingdom Tower were the highlight of the exhibition with a major presentation. It was the first time the design for Kingdom City and the iconic Kingdom Tower were revealed publicly. During the event, King Abdullah and Prince Alwaleed toured KHCs exhibition of the master plan and designs of the project with a total investment of more than SR100 billion. HRH Prince Alwaleed commented: KHC has many grand investments in real estate in Saudi Arabia and this is one of them. We are extremely delighted at the unveiling of the designs and plans of KHCs iconic Kingdom City and Kingdom Tower projects in the city of Jeddah by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz which will signify Con lo último en tecnología digital, excelente servicio y tarifas muy competitivas, Silicon Rain es una empresa dedicada a la animación digital de primera calidad. Su amplia experiencia lo confirma. Permitanos que nuestro grupo de trabajo le brinde una gran opcion en los servicios de Render arquitectónico Máster Plan 2D Perspectivas Exteriores Máster Plan 3D, Perspectivas Interiores Animación de Logos Floor Plan 2D Animación Digital Floor Plan 3D Fotomontaje Panoramas 360° Páginas Web.

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  1. هادا الي بيسوي المشروع الوليد بن طلاال وتوقف دحين لانو حصلت بعض الاشياء لانو مرا طويل بس قالو بيكملو المشروع ولو تبا تتاكد تلقاهم عالبحر بانين الااساسات

  2. @spyhunt14 the works gonna start exactly after two week! the problems that delay it because alwalid demanded to finish this tower within 70 months and 120 months for the entire city which is impossible, so the firm dropped the contract!

    finally they’ve found another contractor and now they are preparing to began with foundations two weeks by now!

  3. ههههههههههههههههههههههههههه ….. هذولا اصلا فكروا ايش راح يسوو بالبرج …. عددنا 22 مليون … او على حسب الاحصائبات الاخيرة 30 مليوووون … يعني … ايش راح تسوو بدا الشيء الطويل اللي ما منو فايدة

  4. @proudmuslimsister01 MoreOver. I Am Pakistani And I thak Saudi Arabia For Helping My Country Pakistan EveryTime It Faces A Disaster.. Like They Did In 2005 EarthQuakes And They Are Helping Us Again in these Floods.. They Have Given us Large Amount Of Money. Allah is Happy with them thats Why Allah Has Given them more wealth because They help Others..! and lol. Visas? You Should Have Visas for entering in any country. there are so many nonmuslims here aswll. how are you going to recognize them?

  5. @proudmuslimsister01 Sister, Are They Spending? They Are Investing. Please. Correct Yourself. If You Invest 200 dollars in a business. Does That Mean Your Are Spending? and Moreover This Is A Private Sector. Every One Has The Right To Invest Anything Anywhere AnyLarge..! If You Constructed A House In A Street. Should i Say You Are Spendinf The Wealth Of Umma? You Have Your Right To Construct Anything anylargs..! And This Tower is complete Investment For A Great Future.

  6. @zohir256
    well thanx Zohir for the explanation I appreciate it and good luck with your study bro.

  7. @HussainAA1 what i want to say is government should take it hand off the develops and urban design! private sector is always the best for economic and public interest as well!

    yah me two i really wish the best of the best to our lovely country specially jeddah 🙂
    i am now studying abroad Business Administration in Real Estate my plan to put a big touch in this industry in the future god welling 😀

  8. @zohir256
    yeh you are right I don’t know everything. I just mentioned about the infrastructure coz it’s a historical issue there. 30 years of promises to improve it.
    my point is ppl now thinking about their safety more than anything.
    I wish the best future for Jeddah

  9. @HussainAA1 can you tell me what exactly do you know about this project?
    iam sure you don’t know everything! first of all this is a private investment which mean they have the right to do whatever they want, secondly this HUGE PROJECT is completely a new city will be build from the scratch,the infrastructure going to be perfect since it constructing,developing and contracting by private sectors!

    Go to Skyscrapercity, saudi section and open the thread for mile tower, go to page 33 comment 654

  10. they should think about improving the infrastructure first before starting these huge projects I suppose .
    No more disasters for Jeddah

  11. proudmuslimsister01
    A- were not spending the wealth of the whole ummah we are only using saudi money! our money!!
    B- whats wrong with investing? these projects are sopoused to generate more wealth

  12. it took them 5 years to finish the 200 meter tunnel i dont think this is gonna be done in our generation =p

  13. @yaz400 Next I will just be waiting for you to tell me that my sheykh said this and that one said that and this sheykh is the greatest in all the world but you won’t be able to give on example of Hadith or Qur’an Don’t waste my time. I have better things to do than deal with someone like you.

  14. @yaz400 They will deviate from Islam (as fast and clean) as an arrow pierces the game. If I live to witness their appearance, I will kill them as the people of Aad (whom Allah utterly destroyed and annihilated because of their disbelief) were killed. [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]. Wow this sound alot like the Saudi Royal Family. Is a Kingdom in Islam Haram? Did the Prophet Muhammed SallaAllahu alayhi wa salam make it a requirement to have visa to go to Hajj?

  15. @yaz400 I have never fell on the floor laughing so hard in my life at the comment you just made. True Murji’a. Also, the Messenger of Allah, Salla Allahu Alayhi Wasallam, said regarding a man who once accused him of injustice, From among the offspring of this man there will rise a people who will read the Quran but it will not go beyond their throats (meaning it will not enter their hearts). They will kill Muslims and spare Idol-worshippers.

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