Residence FIVE (Laurent) – The Residences at Rodin

Return _ Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty (215 735 2225). To learn more contact Melodie Kahr (609 509 0482) or Ingrid Levin (310 990 8503) Credits: 3D video tour by of BIMarchitects (music track: Bach’s Bouree; selected 3D models from the 3D Google Warehouse) Sales: Kurfiss Sotheby’s International Realty Management: Madison Parke Developer: PRA Development & Management Corp. Architect: Leonard Ciccotello, AIA Video Architecture: The Residences at Rodin is a signature building designed for luxury living in Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The 45 customable residences overlook the spectacular gardens of the Rodin Museum; the site is distinguished by its access to the sophistication of center city living, the cultural surroundings of the citys art and science museums, and the natural beauty of the tree-lined parkway and nearby Fairmount Park and Schuylkill River. The building’s amenities include on-site garage parking; concierge services; terraces for each residence; private, in-unit elevator entry; a rooftop saltwater pool with lounging area, a secured lobby and a spacious gated garden plaza. The neighborhood’s culture and central location, the unique building’s design and amenities and the ten year tax abatement make this residential development one of the best real estate investment in Philadelphia. Just imagine

eDome – Alone in the Dark – Real World Rules Tech Demo Part 2 http With new facts, park lore and more scheduled every Thursday up to launch of the game in May, visitors can already learn a great deal of incongruous information gathered by a group of amateur researchers and drawn from historical documentation, newspapers and the work of scholars. Facts suggest there’s more than meets the eye behind the design and perfect preservation of this enormous parkland in the city that never sleeps. The implication is that considerably different motives were at work than just the desire to create a grand public parkland for the people of New York. Here’s just a taste of the questions posed: In a city with debts of .8 Billion, who has the power to ensure that Central Park’s 8 Billion of prime Manhattan real estate has remained completely untouched since its creation? What were the suspected political motivations behind the complete decimation of Seneca village, Manhattan’s first African American community, during the park’s construction? Why was the topsoil that was used to construct Central Park not from New Jersey as recorded, and according to micro-chemical analysis not even from America? Who built the existing tunnel network under the park that was used for Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project of 1853 that led to the creation of the atomic bomb? Featuring a gripping story, design inspired by contemporary TV action dramas, and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. First rate…and this was done with sketchup…Have to get busy and do some more work…really awesome.

  2. Don’t think so,the game pretty much has everything,and it was 60% released only because Atari’s fate depended on it,the company was going going downhill,but they menaged to stabilize the crisis.
    In my opinion,it’s a very fun game,with horrible combat(too simple,unlike the other gameplay features)And so so many options and you can get out of situations by some thing even developers haven’t thought you’ll ever do,but the bad this is,it has many options but only thing you need is gun and few things

  3. FANS OF ALONE IN THE DARK 5 be prepared because there’s a BIG possibility for a SEQUEL!!!!!!!
    i just saw an interview with Nour Polloni(producer of AITD)and she said….”there’s an interesting achievement at the end of the game which will have a strong impact to the next…”and then she said “i can’t say anything else never mind”
    i can send you the website of the video if you want…

  4. I know this is supposed to be a survival/strategy game but I freakin hope there is more fights with enemies using guns.

  5. this game had potential but the 3rd and first person view and the controls make the gameplay anoying they should update it to fix it becouase its ruing a very good game.

  6. kinda, it’s fun but it’s not the same. Play it with a friend, don’t play it alone, not because it’s scary, just because you’ll get bored pretty soon

  7. Hey,Shall i buy it for the ps2 or the 360? cuz i don’t know :/ the xbox 360 version is a bit better,but it cost like 20 bux more cash xD is it worth to buy the xbox 360 version? cuz i can’t choose,can someone help me?

  8. some of that shit isnt realistic when you shoot it, that door wouldnt buckle as much as that and the table wouldnt just rip apart from one shot..

  9. I heard you and your mom suck too, but as long you dont care to explain WHY do you think this game suck people like me will make fun of you and your mom.

  10. That’s not what he said though, he never said anything about the rest of the series.

    He just said he hated 3rd person view.

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