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Rofo recently visited the Number 10 office ( and spoke with the founder and CEO, Thomas Tsatsos. Number 10 is a web design firm focusing on open source solutions that serves clients around the world. Thomas shared some great insights into finding office space acquired during Number 10s search for their current space. Then Rofo toured the fantastic Number 10 office space at 444 Townsend Street in San Francisco. Its a unique and well thought out office with a great open layout. They especially enjoy the large windows that allow great natural light, helping the offices lush foliage thrive and the employees maintain a healthy complexion. Number 10 Space Interview with Thomas Tsatsos Who are you, what is the name of your company and where are you located? We are Number 10 a web design and development firm. The address is 444 Townsend St. Who do you work with? We work with a lot of bay area companies, we also work on an national level with companies in other states and we have several international customers as well, with a fair amount of focus on Japan. How long have you been in this office? About 5 years. How many employees at this office? 6 in this office. Why does this space work for number 10? Were a design and development firm focused on open source solutions, and some of the philosophies that surround open source include collaboration and transparency. This office sort of lends itself to that philosophy. We eliminate the daily meetings that you see in
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