Paid search or SEO? The ultimate battle with Stacie Susens, Kenshoo at SES Chicago 2010

Jamie Smith, CEO, Engine Ready, interviews Stacie Susens, Kenshoo (Stacie previously worked at Resolution Media) on the panel “Ultimate Search Battle” at SES Chicago 2010. Jamie asks Stacy the million dollar question, what is more important, paid search or SEO? Stacy says it is a hybrid approach, using both paid and natural search can drive the best outcomes for your business and generate insights from each channel. Stacy says both paid search and natural search have their benefits and their cons, so when you play off the pros and cons of each you will get the best results for your business. Jamie says if you do have a top organic ranking, try running your ads on the lower side of the page and test the real-estate; the same applies if you have an organic ranking that doesn’t rank in the top 2 or 3 listings of Google, then try experimenting with a paid ad at the top of the page. For more information on speaking at SES Chicago, please visit:

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