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Obaid Karki An Outcast Spinoziste Pantheon Hexalingual Automath Former UAE Under Secretary Independant Street-Knowledge Urban Talkshow Guru. Unaffiliated to State, Organized Religion, Sect or Kin. Anti Tribal Gentile. Who is Jesus Christ Could this one man really change your life You may be surprised lifepointcc Who Is God Anyway Who Is God Anyway We don t know what God looks like or how big he is What we do know about God es from the things we know he has done sundayschoollessons god Who Is God Anyway Teens Who Is God Anyway Even those who have not so great dads have a great heavenly father by Jerry Root and Chris Lutes I believe in God the Father Almighty christianitytoday cl Who the heck IS God anyway Atheism The Case Against God Skeptic s Bookshelf Pseudo Dionysius The plete Works Classics of Western Spirituality Who heck God anyway F lm Y PNL L ment on this review It may be uncomfortable but how bad could it be to be in the presence of so many rebels of God anyway Isn t that where the real party is gp customer reviews discussions start thread ie UTF ASIN authorID More results from Catholics On Call Challenge Series Do I Really Need God Anyway Do I really need God in my life anyway I guess it all depends on what we mean by need If we think of needing God merely in terms of harnessing the catholicsoncall consider this outside the box ChallengeSeriesOne Nontheist Friends What is God anyway For Quakers and others interested in nontheism among Friends Quakers
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  1. I don’t claim an understanding of god because as an individual being I feel I am but a very small part of a whole that is beyond my total comprehension. Despite this, I do believe it can be possible for each of us to experience intimations of what the big picture entails and derive some clarity of purpose in defining our lives through this. I am fascinated by the many interpretations of god and I try to remain open to all who deliver their message with love and tolerance. Thanks for the video.

  2. oh .all lesson here .The only GOD is JESUS. islam is the branch which came from the christianity .The islam was started by ismavel who is the son of Abraham by his servant .So clearly hear there are evidences in each religious book that he is the god or the character of the real god.for example :In hindu vedas ,they have told that the person who gives his sinless blood to clear all the sines of world .like this there were no god in hindu .In buddha or Jain the 5 th book tell that jesus isthegod

  3. People arguing about whether Allah exists or not is so typical,,just proves tht Allah does exist…

  4. each person-including the guy in vedeo-only shows how bigsmall! his!her mind is.
    I know no one is able to comprehend God but every sane person know that universe was created and didnt come by a chance.. keep seeking knowldege..
    we should not stop seeking more knowldge..true?

  5. I searched for some metal vids and this bitch ass motherfucker came in the suggestions. Kiss my balls god.

  6. @obaidkarki
    Obaid maybe you should go easy on people here
    not everyone deserve anal punishment HEHEHEHE

    1:14pm Tuesday (CST) – Time in Texase

  8. My Name is Leyla Ergun & I Am A Messenger Chosen by God The Creator….God-The Creator exısts & Jesus Christ is Satan Masquerading as A Messiah & he is a Son God-The Creator but he is no longer Good and ıs now a God of Evil….please see may page for more details….it will save lives….

  9. islam is not evil at all . we dont steal Because we know that God will punish us the Day of Resurrection.helpsomeone who does not know, Islam commands us not to kill only in self-defense and we do not kill our mothers if we leave the house!! We sympathize with everyone and we go to sleep safe and do not worry about thief

  10. even so… you cant see Angels but you do belive in them rate? ……rate
    + jesus displays a lark to hell and only Prophet Mohammed can save us In the Day of Resurrection with his Intercession Liked or not. I am a Muslim and proud
    And at least Islam is a religion Ntodo clean every day, five times. If we shwer we not fill bathtub and sat only. Even wash our hair and our bodies . see we are cleaner then you +++ We respect allah استغفر الله..

  11. 3:12

  12. Dont say God, say Allah, as they are not the same. Allah say go and kill and God says go and forgive and love others !

  13. @twodogs199 No No NO!!! God loves you. He is Almighty and all powerful. He made this world and heavens and hell, made a program to send evil doers to hell and those doing good deeds to Paradise. He has all power to do it without telling us But look at his mercy, sends us guidance at number of stages, gives us chances to become righteous. Think ! our deeds will be weighed meaning if good deeds are just more than 50 % we shall go to heavens i.e., sins just less than 50% . How kind & merciful!!!

  14. It is 1st time for me to see this informative upload of yours sir and thinks sometimes it is worthless to make a video to wake up the little sector of brainwashed, maybe I am just tired of them or don’t have your spirit. lol I don’t have time for them either :). Blessing to you and looking forward for your update. Thanks for the good work. Yo.

  15. @Aloosh12

    حرصا علي سلامتك وسلامة بعارين ند الشبا
    يمنع الضراطين العرب علي الانترنت مشاهدة هذا الفيديو لما قد يسبب لهم من خلل عقلي وضرر نفسي قد يهدد أمن

    الوطن عامة والحالة الرومانسية لبعران ند الشبا خاصة ولقد اعذر من انذر
    Above content has been identified by Arab YouTube

    community as being potentially offensive. Viewer

    discretion is advised. Please use Google translator if

    you can.
    واللي يرد عليك بغل مثلك

  16. @abxchange God is petulant, God is Petty, God is Cruel, God is Heartless, God is Vindictive, God is Sadistic, God is Callous, God is Spiteful.

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