TYT Episode – February 11th 2010

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

February 11, 2009 Presentation: Economics 2009 with Peter Newman, Scott Borden, Michael Lee. Part of the Polsky Personal Enrichment Series, Close Captioned.

27 Replies to “TYT Episode – February 11th 2010”

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  2. @MuslimAgenda fuck you motherfucker I will beat the shit out of you.

  3. @mikesheritage5 remember people felt like Bush 43 stole the election and no one in the world said we should not have nukes because of it.

  4. why would they need nuke power when they got a ocean of oil..only reason is they want a bomb

  5. Wall street saying they want to make money on this? Cenk… you think we believe your shit? I do believe you when you’re dancing to your countryman’s music. You’re a muslim MF !

  6. The people protesting also have the nuclear energy. That is why it is complicated.

  7. They should have nuclear weapons to protect themselves from tyrants like America, my beloved country, which is being overrun by criminals.
    Climate change is normal. I love how we think we can massively affect a planets climate. The global warming agenda started with Earth Day and is aimed at taxing carbon. Tax’s go to the bankers and the bankers win. Guess what, I heard that there is a lot of carbon in human tissue. I also exhale carbon. It’s all for the money. Dvs.R is just a deception

  8. Did you just say Muslims are the only people that the Jews have problems with?? Do you just pull crap out of your mouth, do you know anything about reality or history ??

    Zionists CANNOT STOP Committing Crimes and HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO COEXIST WITH ANY OTHER HUMAN BEINGS IN HISTORY because of what they always do behind your back and how they corrupt & destroy every single thing that you know




  9. Your open minded!!! No your abscent minded…you don’t have a mind… your a void, an idiot!!! your scum, stupid, fool, doosh, how can youtube allow your garbage, oh man This guy sucks he shows video of Iran and them beating civilians for protesting, yet he believes these people should have nuclear energy!!! Cenk your a FRAUD and a hypocrite, “Iran should have nuclear energy Oh and here’s some video of Iranina protesters getting beaten how sad” Cenk fuck off…looser go back to school.

  10. Cenk your a damn fool, let the Iranians have nuclear energy???? Isreal doesn’t threaten to whipe Iran off the face of the earth your a fucken idiot. Liberals like you proove that Liberalism is a Mental disorder. Michael Savage is so right. Give Hitler Nuclear weapons Cenk…by your logic Germany needed Nuclear energy during WWII. My Prayer: God please remove Cenk from this world…please…Just one less stupid person on earth and in the media..

  11. @halcyon0830 Hey dumbass why do you suppose isreal fights with all their neighbors??? because their all muslim!!! Muslims are always fighting with each other as well, every where you go muslims don’t get along…

  12. Israel are the danger here, not Iran. Anyone who thinks they are above others (gods chosen race) and feel they have a right to land because of a book need to be kept in check, not allowed nuclear weapons. Israel have fought with all their neighbouring countries during their short stay in Palestine, they are dangerous religous fanatics.

  13. Geeeeeee Iran couldn’t possibly have any WMD’s, just like Iraq right? LOL. Our fearless marxist, blame everybody but himself, man-child of a President will protect us through his appeasement. LOL…

  14. BINGO

    The countries that have nukes U.S, Russia, Israel have them for leverage. Israel and the Russinas haven’t used them and don’t want to use them.

    The AMericans and teh Soviets developed them in the Cold War in a dick waging contest to show who is tough and Israel developed nukes to threaten the Middle East.

    All Amadinjihad wants in leverage and power. I don’t think he is stupid enough to drop a nuke on Isreal. He wants to remain in power.

  15. @Ex0dus111 If it’s literature you want, I suggest you look at “history of the Jews in Italy” in wikipedia. It gives you a long list of books and sources. Then continue with France, Spain, Germany, Poland etc.

    It will also do you good to read about the history of Antisemitism. You will realize that ppl like halcyon0830 have been around since 1st century BC. They always update themselves to the times, but the main themes remain the same.

  16. @Ex0dus111 What’s this conversation about? Who are “Jews” that you’re asking about? Why does it matter if they are descendants of Abraham? I don’t understand what you’re getting at. According to the bible, Jews are by definition descendants of Abraham. Of course “according to the bible” is a dumb thing to say in any conversation, but if you’re talking about “descendants of Abraham,” that’s what the conversation is, right? But then by definition they are, so what’s the point?

  17. @Ex0dus111 We know for a fact that there have been Jewish neighborhoods in Italy and France that have been there constantly from the 1st century, when they were brought there from Israel by the Romans, until today. We can also trace their migration from there to the rest of Europe.

    We also know that the Khazar theory is a 20th century invention, rejected by any serious historian, and held only by anti-Semites. It’s actually one of the surest ways to identify an anti-Semite.

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