Rogue antivirus sites redirect to

SEO attacks are monitoring for Google referrers; rogue antivirus attack links will otherwise redirect to

Is Google’s 100 links per page guideline still valid? Particularly given advanced CSS capabilities that allow tabs, reveals and other treatments that allow more content and links on a page without degrading user experience. Blind Five Year Old, SF, CA Russian subtitles translated by Mike Shakin. Have a question? Ask it in our Webmaster Help Forum: Want your question to be answered on a video like this? Follow us on Twitter and look for an announcement when we take new questions: More videos: Webmaster Central Blog: Webmaster Central:

31 Replies to “Rogue antivirus sites redirect to”

  1. I Had That Same But With 2 Sites And

  2. 0:50 hahha you gotta love rogue antivruses trying to emulate windows explorer windows especially on a non-windows OS (OS X, and Ubuntu)

  3. Hello i have a question when you get a windows virus on linux ubuntu or mint or anything cant it infect windows machines on the network or the other windows OS you have dual booted i dont know if its possible but i was wondering thanks!

  4. @Junije1 in IT probably… but certainly not yours… anyway, have a nice day in “the village” salutations to No 2

  5. @Junije1 that’s all your arguments… I think google employees have to socialize more when we see how they recruite people. they really looks like a family with consanguinity dirorder . this guy is the stereotype of johnny5 employee… no sorry johnny5 had human feelings. my grand father in his grave probably socialize more than you and him…lol

  6. @ToSho29 Because he misdealing, he want you to think something it’s good when it’s wrong.

  7. fuck he looks like a scary robots from an horror scify movie wearing the same clothes every day and telling you “Hi Mr smith how are you going today” with a stupid smile. thanks google to show you are not a human compagny buta brainwashing machine

  8. What if your page with 5000 links is the SITEMAP? It will definitely look like you’re stuffing things in there.

  9. This might be a dumb question so please forgive me if it is. Would this apply to an indexed style site map? What I mean is what if all the items on a site that are alphabetically listed on a sitemap go well over 500 links on that page? Would that site be penalized in some way or considered a link farm or spammy?

  10. @wearealltubes most of them are just that. Best SEO strategy is to create good content and build an audience.

  11. @crashxxx If he “don’t want not us to know something”, then why on earth did they make this channel. Google could just leave us in the dark about everything, but they don’t. They actually care about good search results, so that they can serve their customers well. So it is in their best interest that people will make websites with good content that they can crawl well and hence give their custumors good SERPs. THAT is why they are NOT lying (very often ;-)). Btw, Nice answer Matt, thanks.

  12. I think this guy lie with every word he says, he don’t want we to know anything..

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