Scrapers Ruling Google, AdSense New Design & Dead Girl Living – This week’s search video recap is quicker then the past. I announced a conference I am personally running in Israel, SphinnCon Israel – please attend, if not, you better sponsor! Google has an issue sourcing the original content, since MayDay. Google added a video sitemap error report to the labs section of Google Webmaster Tools. Google promised to update certain AdSense unit’s design. There is a myth that only one link counts on a page. Google Maps made a star out of a ten year old girl playing dead. Google’s Matt, not Cutts, is a rap star. Demand Media IPOed and the industry learned from it. SES San Francisco is next week, we have live blog coverage on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Google had a neat Doodle for the Wizard of Oz’s 71st birthday. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable. Announcing SphinnCon Israel 2011 – January 9, 2011 : Google Can’t Find The Original Source Of Content? : Google Adds Video Sitemaps Errors To Google Webmaster Tools : Google Updates AdSense Layouts : SEO Myth: Are Competitors Backlinks Not Counted? : Google Maps Dead Girl Becomes A Living Star : Google Help Center’s Rap Video : SEO Industry Buzzes On Demand Media’s IPO : SES San Francisco 2010 Live Blog Coverage Schedule : The Wizard of Oz Google Doodle : www – There is tons of important stuff taking place this week in the SEO space, so I ran through as much of it as I could in a short period of time. First, Google did their second PageRank update in a single month. Google also updated their image search algorithm and filter. Google Webmaster Tools is showing a lot more linkage data due to Caffeine. They also now allow a single Sitemap file for all content types. But some of the news sites in Google Webmaster Tools are slow to show new data. Google is mixing up 301 and 302 redirects. Google killed the IE output, killing Scroogle. GoogleBot is slow and fast, acting very sporadic these days. Don’t use the meta refresh redirect said Google. Matt Cutts says never use the nofollow for internal links. BingBot is replacing MSNBot on October 1. Bing releases more advanced search operators. AdWords related ads can infringe on trademarks. BP got away with AdWords display URL violation. AdWords now shows merchant ratings in some cases. Google News was redesigned, many users hate it but Google will keep it. China and Google go at it again, I think Google did something lame. Google bought ITA and hopes to take over the travel industry. Happy Canada Day to our Canadian users and we showed off another Doodle this week. That was this past week’s news at the Search Engine Roundtable. Second June 2010 Google PageRank Update : Google Image Search Update : June 2010 : Google Says New

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