SEO and Video in the Google universal world

The importance of video in SEO in the new Google and the opportunities it provides to all. Also just a bit about and where it is heading.

9 Replies to “SEO and Video in the Google universal world”

  1. w w w . t u b e v i e w s . n e t Finally a way to have control over where your video are shown when people are searching Youtube!

    Be Blessed

  2. Thank you for this great video! I’m looking forward to more materials coming from you and in regards with web marketing, I recommend Canada Marketing Summit for affairs like this. I am getting started in the field and I am slowly, but surely, gathering information. Thank you very much!

  3. Does anyone know how you get the top 2 videos that appear on the first page of the results ? how do they pick is it random ?/ worth paying attention to

  4. looks like your experiment is working! I see a thumbnail of this video in the the search results for “video SEO” on Google.

  5. You Patrick stop telling everyone all the secrets. Whatever you do, DON’T Vlog about Google Video Sitemaps!! j/k

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