Ted Krueger – Free Your Y (Tricks & Feats)

This video is for Lipton’s “Free Your Y Contest”. The video stars Ted Krzykowski aka Teddy Krueger. The music and the editing was done by Ryan McNerney. Join Ted as he performs tricks around Buffalo, New York. He does some crazy stunts including crazy flips, scaling tall buildings, and spinning on a can! Please help us win by casting your vote. Voting ends May 30th and you can vote once per day. Help increase our chances of winning. Just click on the link below. www.youtube.com We appreciate all the support and we hope you enjoy the video. Thank you, Ryan & Ted

25 Replies to “Ted Krueger – Free Your Y (Tricks & Feats)”

  1. HEY U R OUR PRINCE!!!!!! AHH!

    p.s im one of the chinese people
    (with the umbrellas)

  2. teddy, you’re incredible.

    me and tory are coming to see you all tomorrow at the elmwood arts festival.

    we need our lehrer fix haha

  3. haah thats just one more person to come from my home
    Go wny

    dont forget about neil haskel[clarence] and chad michael murray[clarence]

    haha clarence kicks but

    keep kicking it western ney york

    ps. i live in clarence – watch for me ahaha
    i might just become famous =]

  4. props kis i remeber seeing out side of hardware on allen street doing sum crazy shit when we were freestylen congrats on that 25 k homie keep doin your thing !

  5. that young man has talent i just hope he does something with it. GO TEDDY!!!!!!

  6. Thats an awesome video man… I heard you got 25,000 bucks! I know your brother Loren he teaches me guitar, great job love the soda can šŸ™‚

  7. So cool! You made Buffalo look really good too. The Lipton bottles could work on their acting though.

  8. Nice Teddy,

    We graduated together in Marcellus ’04! Congrats on the win. I live in Hamburg, I saw the Village Center on the Video. Send me a message man!


  9. Very nice! At least Buffalo is recognized for something…lol

    I live there…I would know.

  10. You so totally rock dude!! Way to represent b– congrats on the prize, you guys deserved it!

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