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InfoCentre was founded in 1992 to serve corporate clients with business services including Businss Planning, Management Consulting, Executive Mentoring, Web Development, Technology and Fund Raising services. Today the company continues to provide these services to companies throughout the United States and Europe. BUSINESS PLANNING, MANAGEMENT CONSULTING & EXECUTIVE MENTORING Raising money is an art and a science. We specialize in helping companies become investment worthy and then we develop a compelling investor proposition that will tell your story to investors in their terms. Our business plans answer the questions that investors need to have answered to invest in your business. Our business plans are primarily designed to help our clients raise money and then to serve as a roadmap for success as they seek to grow and manage their businesses. We often consult with our clients, particularly in their startup phase to ensure that they keep on track. We also work with companies who are struggling to maintain profitability and growth to re-engineer a success plan to help them to get back on a successful track again. We work one-on-one with CEOs and managers to solve difficult problems that require a fresh, independent and objective perspective. We also lead management retreats with management teams of our client companies annually to review past accomplishments and challenges and set goals and plan strategies to achieve goals and objectives for the upcoming year. WEB
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Navigate a world of data with Infusions Falcon Eye for Microsoft Surface. Falcon Eye for Microsoft Surface delivers a unique presentation platform for organizations of any size. Whether you are showing real estate developments, customizing villas in real time, or giving a guided tour of your latest project, Falcon Eye on Surface delivers a brand experience your customers wont find anywhere else. Falcon Eye on Microsoft Surface provides a unique view of your brand in hotel lobbies, airport lounges, real estate sales offices, or any other client-facing situation. Falcon Eye provides your organization with the ability to navigate real-time, 3D data across the Web, your Desktop, and Microsoft Surface. Inspiring presentation capabilities allow Falcon Eye to serve both as a powerful back-office dashboard and a uniquely branded front-office sales tool. Infusion recognizes that organizations have a variety of different reporting systems, each with their own unique format and view. Falcon Eye unites multiple data streams into a single, consolidated view. Using the natural and user-friendly interface of Microsoft Surface, Falcon Eye allows you to drill through data and view your organization at any level: city, county, state, or global. Combined with Microsoft Surface, Falcon Eye delivers actual hands-on manipulation of your world and your data. Falcon Eye web, desktop, and Surface applications draw their information from the Falcon Server a lightweight host that centralizes access
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