The Palms – Elegance in Costa Rica

This custom designed home boasts the highest level of detail, coupled with an ingenious and creative floor plan. You will realize the value of the home at the point of entry with the 20 foot ceilings and an unmatched view of the ocean and bay. The immense great room hosts six oversized hand painted columns and a two story cathedral ceiling with cupola made of indigenous precious Guanacaste wood. The floors are inlaid with 2 foot by 2 foot marble tiles which flow outside onto the balconies. Each room is characterized by the use of large windows and wide open spaces which cater to easy flow and comfort, inviting you to savor the impeccable details and sweeping views of the water, volcanoes and mountains. Featuring 2 master suites, 2 additional bedrooms and 3 ½ baths, this incredible home also has an additional entertainment room below with a kitchenette and exercise area. Outside entertaining is made easy with a beautifully decorated Gazebo with BBQ area, infinity edge pool, Jacuzzi, and of course, the incredible ocean view. Air conditioning: central on main level, individualized mini splits in each room on lower floor. Main Entry is at ground level where you enter the captivating great room and direct access to the huge gourmet kitchen and dining area with a private terrace and massive barbecue; visitors powder room; private entry to Master Suite; private entry to the large office; laundry room, and garage. You may access the oversized lap pool, huge rancho barbecue area
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Video footage from the Chrome event on 12/07/10. Sundar Pichai, Product Management Lead for Chrome gives updates on Chrome and announces upcoming speed improvements for Chrome.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. I can haz jawascript that is “foofty ex ass fast as web browsers were just two years ago”?

  2. @MillyVanillification what you think that other browers wont do the same thing”?

    Any one would sell out for the right amount of money” Even you” 2ndly no info is secret your government all ready knows everything ” see the straw man on youtube. ill post link

  3. Just watch “Summer Wars”. This is what Google is heading to. Once they’ve taken over your data, their security system is what your data and access is depending on. Good feeling, isn’t it? If I look at this guy, I wouldn’t give him my data. Sorry.

  4. In my oppinion, THE SCROLLBAR should be displayed only on MouseOver, eventually with a quick fading and still some transparency when fully displayed. The webpage content should stay visually fixed no matter if the scrollbar displays or not.
    My example page is found at

    // // // . statuianuda . ro / no-scroll.php

    Please don’t mark it as a spam.
    I don’t know how else I can contact the Chrome Team, so I’m just submitting an idea here by showing the example page.

  5. i love how childish the 2nd guy acts, i mean laser sharks?? lol i love you google

  6. 15:44 – and something that happens 0.01 second goes in 0.0001… who cares then huh?

  7. I hope Youtube will actually work on Google Chrome (for mac). I can’t reply to comments…

  8. @jfunnyshit5 Yeaaah. I know, Youtube isn’t so that fast, but that’s a technology, still in development. If you can build something similar to Youtube like Vimeo, you can say that loud. For real!

  9. @mhaidarhanif Naaah m8 Youtube isnt allways that fast 🙁 (for us that have good connectivity)

  10. @MahBoiOrMyBoy Oh it should be. My guess is that Chrome in Chrome OS and Chrome on any other OSes should be the same.

  11. Блин опять очередная ОС и почему google вечно лезет во всякие разработки ну есть у них поиск ну и пусть занимаються усовершенствованием поиска.

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