Strange Buildings

Interesting and unusual building designs from different parts of the world.’ THE HUNDERTWASSER BUILDING – Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian architect and painter, designed this building, which contains 105 apartments and a restaurant. HABITAT67 – This apartment building was built for Expo 67, the 1967 world exhibition held in Canada. Although Habitat 67 was supposed to provide affordable housing after the Expo ended—much like the stated plans for Vancouver’s Olympic Village— its apartments go for luxury apartment prices because of the unique architecture. CONTAINER CITY – The Urban Space Management company designs various Container Cities like this one for use as homes, offices and stores. THE CROOKED HOUSE – The Crooked House is located in a shopping center. Built in 2003, the house is used for commercial purposes. BASKET BUILDING – This building is the home office of the Longaberger Company, which sells baskets. KANSAS CITYS LIBRARY – This funky building is the parking garage for Kansas City’s Central Library. It features 22 book titles, which the Kansas City Public Library Board of Trustees selected from library members’ suggestions GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM – Renowned architect Frank Gehry designed the Guggenheim Museum in an industrial city in Northern Spain. Glass walls link the building’s striking curves, which are made of stone, glass and titanium. FERDINAND CHEVELS PALACE – Ferdinand Cheval, a rural postman, built this palace between 1879 and 1912. He had no
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Capture the Cod Cod lifestyle without the crowds in this lovely Victorian waterfront home in the historic village of Mattapoisett on the undiscovered south coast of Massachusetts where great boating, sailing and fishing are a way of life. This five bedroom antique Victorian home was expanded and renovated in 2002, and connects by an all season sunroom to a separate two bedroom Carriage House, added in 2006. With approximately 800 feet of frontage on Eel Pond, both spaces offer extensive water views and are in pristine condition. The formal front entrance to the main house leads into the historic part of the home with a grand stair cased front hall, a small Victorian antechamber, and a traditional front parlor with 10′ tin ceilings, beautiful wood floors, and large shuttered windows. A large formal dining room mirrors the same Victorian elegance while the butler’s pantry makes a seamless transition to the recent expansion where a more informal tone is evident. A beautiful blend of function and design, this space includes an enviable gourmet kitchen, painted wood beamed ceilings , a large family dining area, as well as comfortable seating by a wood burning fireplace. All this is dramatically enhanced by the stunning water views from every window and French doors leading to one of the many wonderful outdoor decks. The expanse of decks from every level adds to the outdoor living space while enjoying complete privacy from the road. The family friendly second floor, with access
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  1. Maybe you should change the caption of Guggenheim museum to Bilbao, Biscay, Basque Country, EU and then (spain) in brackets…If you ever visit that place you’ll understand that those people want to get independent from Spain and the mayority of them resent being called Spanish. Its like saying Stormont is in the UK which altough ‘correct’ not many Northern Irish people would appreciate. So better said it would be Stormont, Northern Ireland (UK)! Cheers and nice odd little video.

  2. Its wonderful feeling to know that there are these amazingly weird but beautiful buildings existing in the world! hats off to people who established such things!

  3. Ha I live in Las Vegas, and when you see the Fashion Show, it looks like a UFO from below cause they light it blue like. Ha its crazy

  4. Sorry mates, Toronto might be a beautiful place to live, but Canadas Habitat 67 is more like a harry potter school, Dumbledor or something. Two nicest and rare like rich looking and fantastic party locations are Floridas “Dome House and France’s Ferdinand Chevat, though Eupope Is proven to be a cowardly continent, nice architecture. America & the Brits are the worlds dominators, sorry to skate off subject. Good video I might add. Learn something new everyday.

  5. At 1:36 the builiding is not Toronto… is in the most beautiful city in the world! MONTREAL

  6. Thank you Chas from NJ, You are not mistaken. The information one finds on the Internet is not always right. I stand corrected!
    ~Carol from PA~

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