The REAL Truth Behind The Global Economic Collapse!!

If you get your news from the Main Stream Media, you probably think the current global financial collapse was caused by homeowners taking out loans they couldn’t afford or the unconstitutional, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. While those events may have been a trigger for the beginning of the implosion, the REAL reason behind the bank failures and economic woes can be traced to the unscrupulous, unregulated and GREED-DRIVEN derivatives market. This video is meant to be a “Economic Collapse for Dummies” and not designed to be technical or filled with confusing financial jargon. So don’t bother me with your propaganda saying there is nothing wrong with derivatives… This video is designed to educate the masses as to the REAL culprits of this current conundrum in which we find ourselves, the off-shore corporations, privately owned central banks of the world (Federal Reserve), and the politicians who work for them. Right now most people don’t know where to direct their anger and outrage and feel that the government is going to save us once again. Well, it’s not Main Street and it’s not (most of) Wall Street, either. The true source of their anger should be the criminals who have hijacked our country and caused this depression BY DESIGN, just as they did back in 1929 so that they may be the “saviors” with their “one world currency”, “one world bank” and “world government” designed to abolish the sovereignty of nations and lead us into a global scientifically designed tyranny

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  1. @bringbackmydemocracy
    Yes because they controll the corrupt goverment. Blame the International banksters like Rockefellers, Rothchilds and 11 other banking families.

  2. JFK signed USA on gold standard and was murdered then LBJ put us back on the fiat money scam. hhhmmmm

  3. The banks are still taking money out of our pockets and nothing is being done to stop them !

  4. People generally don’t understand economics. We are told daily that the UK economy is coming out of recession, but all that means is that the economy is not stagnant or shrinking. The miniscule growth that we’re told about is barely worht mentioning in light of the billions of £’s of debt we have. Spending cuts and austerity measures will do nothing to increase confidence. Quite the opposite. We are in a depression, but media doesn’t like using that terminology.

  5. i would like you to come to my door and call me pathetic…when it all goes down your the kind of people that will be eradicated….lmao…

  6. Pathetic. Instead of believing the first interesting youtube clip you find, look at the facts that politicians have been trying to hide. Clinton started this whole ordeal with the Affordable Housing Policy. Derivatives have been huge since the 70’s, were never a problem until Clinton let Fannie and Freddie were allowed to take in ANYONE who wanted to own a house…whether they could afford them or not. AIG bailout=60 billion at most? FANNIE/FREDDIE=200-400 BILLION. Pathetic people…

  7. @internetTOUGHGUY1000
    provide me the money and I will. I believe i consume enough though thank you very much. i didn’t realize folks would be so ignorant to those who cares about humanity.

  8. Video over a year old and only 4836 views? It has to be the truth. Thank you Ytube for screening truth from lies.

  9. @rawmilkklimwar OMG, someone gets it. I completely agree. Except I don’t want toe liverated souls to grow food… we have already automated much of farming, and that trend should continue… what we do with those people is teach them some real intelligence… something they can research, create, broaden the knowledge base. I say create art, educate themselves, work on large projects such as NASA or CERN or some other big research projects, explore the universe. You know… something cool.

    What is the underlying law of nature.
    As the way of all things, what effect do you suppose its question, knowledge, understanding and application by billions of persons will have on the state of global economics, science, the humanities, education, government and business?
    The underlying law of nature is the most important subject any person can investigate and learn about, can proceed to understand, and can then come to personally apply in life.

  11. We all do a lot for each other – You and I – we grow food and build shelter etc. Now envision a world WITHOUT money – half the population would be freed up from handling money no cashiers at wallmart and no treasury secretary and they could then do something constructive like growing food. The bonus would be that NOBODY COULD AMASS MONEY and control the rest of John Lennon said IMAGINE

  12. bank of america does mountain top mining, they seriously all do stupid money making schemes

  13. You can’t predict when the d0llar is going to collapse. All the insiders thought it would happen in 2006, then 2007, then first half of 2008, and so on. We’re at the end of 2009 now.

    The only thing that can be said is:
    The longer it is avoided, the worse it will come when nothing helps anymore to prevent it.
    That is bad news for all those who do not prepare, for it will be total collapse, and good news for all those who do prepare, for they have more time.

  14. Thanks. I’m shocked this has only gotten 2100 views since March of this year… Guess it’s just not that important to the sheeple of Amerika.

    Amerika: Land of the SHEEP and Home of the SLAVE!

  15. add ones! – the blue lodge, the main operations center = USA business/Gov and 50% of the people to support their opinion (Through News Limited and lack of education) so they can carry out these operations. We need that 50% to drop and things will slowly change.

  16. … DO NOT write this information off…. the U.S. dollar is going to collapse within the next 6 months….

    prepare yourself for a bump ride….

  17. july 5, very few demonstrations, basically a normal day. as if there were no problem. havent heard a thing about derivatives on tv all these weeks gone by. stanton and madoff only ones held accountable.

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