The REAL Truth Behind The Global Economic Collapse!!

If you get your news from the Main Stream Media, you probably think the current global financial collapse was caused by homeowners taking out loans they couldn’t afford or the unconstitutional, illegal and immoral war in Iraq. While those events may have been a trigger for the beginning of the implosion, the REAL reason behind the bank failures and economic woes can be traced to the unscrupulous, unregulated and GREED-DRIVEN derivatives market. This video is meant to be a “Economic Collapse for Dummies” and not designed to be technical or filled with confusing financial jargon. So don’t bother me with your propaganda saying there is nothing wrong with derivatives… This video is designed to educate the masses as to the REAL culprits of this current conundrum in which we find ourselves, the off-shore corporations, privately owned central banks of the world (Federal Reserve), and the politicians who work for them. Right now most people don’t know where to direct their anger and outrage and feel that the government is going to save us once again. Well, it’s not Main Street and it’s not (most of) Wall Street, either. The true source of their anger should be the criminals who have hijacked our country and caused this depression BY DESIGN, just as they did back in 1929 so that they may be the “saviors” with their “one world currency”, “one world bank” and “world government” designed to abolish the sovereignty of nations and lead us into a global scientifically designed tyranny

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