Use Meta Tags for the Most Optimal SEO Results There are three major components to making your website SEO friendly. These include your title tag, H1 tag and natural and relevant content. Learn how to optimize these for best search engine results.
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  1. The “closer to the top” of the page (or the page source code!), the better. It means it is more relevant. So, yes, you are right! But remember to keep it natural, too. Doing too much keyword stuffing (or repetitive keyword stuffing) can cause some red flags that could ultimately get you in the Google Sandbox (yuck!). I personally focus on the Title and H1 tag to profile my target keyword and the body will take more of a natural term (& may focus more on LSI…which is coming soon!)

  2. From a search listing point of view, shouldn’t the keyword be within the first 50 words of the content or description?

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