TYT – Extended Clip – December 16th, 2010

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25 Replies to “TYT – Extended Clip – December 16th, 2010”

  1. @ESJAY5150 Gay old party = Greedy old party = Green old poo poo = Get out politic

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  3. Estates gets put into trusts anyway. Taxes are easily avoided by the aristocracy.

  4. Thumbs up if you think senator McConnell is hiding in the closet.

  5. I can’t fucking believe that they wasted senate time to have some cryfest about someone who is quitting. How is this shit acceptable to anyone?

  6. @trajan74 that pretty dummy to say, Cenk knows, but still many american need to be told, in your face.

  7. @trajan74 WWE in some sense is even more real than politics. WWE is scripted and doesn’t pretend to be a real sport anymore. Politics are still treated like a real thing, though.

  8. The best part of all this is Cenk seems to have finally figured out that this is all a stage show. Like the WWE, politics is fake.

  9. The ‘void’ Greg is leaving behind is McConnell’s behind.

    Boehner cried when his aide left to become a lobbyist because he didn’t think of it first and the apprentice is now the master and the master is now the slave.

  10. i wonder did McConnell & Boehner cry like bitches when Limbaugh put that three inch cock up that pure white conservative ass.

  11. America is to integrity what Mexico is to law enforcement; they gave up a long, long time ago.

  12. I’m surprised any of them are even capable of shedding tears after selling their souls.

  13. “… country before principals.”

    What happened to “country first”? Freudian slip?

    We know you’re full of shit, Rush.

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