Using Market Samurai as Social Tagging Software

Tagging blog posts and social bookmarking links with relevant tags helps to bring more visitors to your web-site. But how do you find the right tags to use? The Market Samurai software contains a keyword-suggestion module that is also able to suggest relevant, high-traffic, low competition, high value tags for your blog posts, YouTube videos, social bookmarks, directory submissions and more…
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8 Replies to “Using Market Samurai as Social Tagging Software”

  1. Good Video, Thanks / this is New: “Free Traffic” Do not pass this up. This is all together ‘Different’ See it ……”go to My Name”

  2. Great tips. Is there a limit to how many tags to put on a blog post? I was told not to use too many but your example would mean to have 10-20 tags?!?

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  4. In those cases, “for fishing trout” still isn’t descriptive. It’s missing something at the start – “tips”, “locations”, “best places”, “lures” or something else would need to go ahead of “for fishing trout”.

  5. You can add a tag cloud to any wordpress blog that accepts widgets and then they provide another way for your visitors to find what interests them. Now my tags will be more numerous!

  6. “for fishing trout” what if you are optimizing for “tips for fishing trout” or “best places for fishing trout”?

  7. That would also work šŸ™‚

    The reason I like broad match is because there’s an extra chance of picking up more (broader) traffic.

  8. Why set a PBR filter rather than just change it to exact or phrase match? I love your videos.

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