Top 50 websites and High paying keywords Now its Important not to abuse this system but to use your head while developing the content of your page, there is absolutely no point in throwing in words that have nothing to do with your page, however if we put our thinking cap on we can implement high paying keywords that is indeed relevant to our content Example, say you have a website or a page within your website focusing on baby names well this word has a very low paying rate, something like 0.06 per click, whereas the word life insurance has a high paying rate of as much as 6.00 per click. Now the word life insurance will not look out of place within your website. New parents are obviously looking for a name for their new born. So life insurance is also something they may wish to explore.So with a little thought you have just implemented the high paying word life insurance and more importantly you have made it relevant to your content. Top 50 visited websites, Most popular websites Top 50 websites: 30-04-2010 All the websites on this list attracts an astronomical amount of traffic. Owning such a website would make your earning possibilities explode. Having such a popular website will result in many third party companiess wishing to advertise with you. Why are these particular websites so popular? Each website on the list has either found a niche, a gap in the market or has created something unique. Most traffic is directed to a website through search results

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