Defeating The Google Slap and More AdWords Advice There was a section in one of the newsletters on the Google Slap that I want to share with you. If you dont know already, the Google Slap, as it has been labelled, was an adjustment made to Google AdWords that penalized people who used a landing page with little content. It really hurt a lot of people using namesqueeze pages because they suddenly had to pay stupid amounts per click when previously it was pennies per click. Since then Google has continued to slap advertisers whenever their system determines the site you are sending traffic to has little content. Perry included an excerpt from an email communication with Glenn Livingston, who had some great tips for beating the Google Slap. I summarize the tips here for you: Add a sitemap Add outgoing links to high PageRank sites (you can put these in the footer so you minimize the risk of traffic leaking away) Stop using bullet points and replace them with full text content – sentences and paragraphs Make sure the anchor text on links is well structured from an SEO point of view Add email newsletters as content pages on the site which are linked via the sitemap The general theme was that you now have to do some work on SEO in order to beat the Google Slap and that work is on the entire domain name you are sending traffic to. Google must do some form of cross reference with its little search spiders to determine how authoritative your site is from an SEO point of view. In a nutshell, SEO

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, speaks about Webmaster Central, his first encounter with spam, and challenges for search engines in the future.

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  3. Matt Cutts I dunno Why But You Give The Best Information compared to anyone else…

  4. Is it not about the words and phrases users are starting to use? Searchers know by now searching for a broad keyword can load a billion results. They try to phrase it better, and by doing that I can image them stringing together various words and phrases to try explain what they want. I also do not think that 60% of the searchers use (know) good search standards.

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  6. Good comments about going for a (niche). I have been telling my clients this for the last 2 years. I tell them… don’t cast a wide net, but cast a small tight net for traffic. This results in more qualified leads.

  7. funny how he thinks users want more difficult queeries answered. may be if your looking for a cure for cancer but not for everyday b2b,b2c communication.

  8. I dont think you should talk about the Queeries who arent as hard anymore! Havent we moved past antics like that as a society?

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