12 Replies to “Veronica Montelongo & Armando Montelongo behind the scenes.”

  1. Oh I didn’t know they uploaded this!! I was there that day. Jeremy Cowart shot them he is an amazing photographer šŸ˜€

  2. Does anyone have his course and is he for real or just another scam artist??

    Help please!!

  3. Veronica, you rule. You are what makes me watch the show each week. I have learned all I know about the real estate market from you. And you’re very pretty šŸ™‚

    You get my vote!

  4. Veronica, you are a natural. You do an excellent job of narrating as well as decorating and keeping Armando in his place. Best wishes on your continued success.
    Antonio from Michigan.

  5. Armando
    I hate to do this to you, since you are my real estate role model but Veronica had the better video as yours did not really keep my attention. I just bought the Master Course so I’m praying I can just learn a sliver of what you know & start making money in the flipping business. I look forward to be your student as you are going to pick one of us from your mentorship program on JS Real Estate 08. If not I’m hoping to catch up with you when you come to So Cal. A true fan. Bernie Germani

  6. Armando, you have great realestate stratiges; and you may know things that Vericona’s doesn’t know. However, I think Vericona will win. Because she knows how to put the rules of realestate to work. Go Verconica!, and Armando be ready for your hair to be blone.

  7. Sorry Armando, Veronica has a better presence on camera, what a surpirse. And even though she has proven herself very well as a flipper in the past, I believe you have the edge. By the way just finished your book, and it was a great read. I have also just recieved your master course, and have already found my first deal. Thank you very much for all the information you have provided.
    P.S. Veronica would still be beautiful w/ blonde hair. Best wishes to you and your family!!!

  8. I think Veronica is better, but you’re both a blast to watch!!! Rock on! cheryl

  9. Veronica is great in front of the camera!

    I also ordered the Master Course, so I hope some day in the future we can meet. You guys are awesome!!
    Sue in Kansas

  10. Veronica is the better presenter, HANDS DOWN!!! Sorry Armando, you aren’t anywhere near as pretty as she is. There is an old saying in the South that goes, “She could wear a potato sack and make it look good.”

    That definitely fits your Veronica. What a beautiful lady she is.

    I just ordered your Master Course, so I am praying I can work with you both at some point and make my families wishes of financial independence a reality.

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