Realtor Marketing Ideas Facebook essentials you must utilize Realtor Marketing Expert Nathan Salmon of Capital-Visions has more than 5 years experience in the Real Estate Marketing niche. His clients are vast and from all over the world. The one consistent factor is that he realises that real estate agents have that inner desire and winning edge to achieve and are willing to do whatever it takes to become the HUNTED instead of the Hunter. You may share the same SUCCESS mindset and want to know how to get free leads and traffic to chase you. My guess is that you have done all of the ‘old school’ methods like Yellow Pages, Magazine Ads and Newspaper advertising to attract new business but it has not yielded you the return you wanted. This is because it is now vital that you have an effective Realtor Marketing Plan and can distinguish that your prospects are now found online searching through mediums such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Google to find your service. Did you know that 80% of all search is done on a demographic level so they are searching directly for you on Google right now in your town but can you be found? Realtor Marketing Ideas are ’10 a penny’ however the main factor is that you can get real tangible results and not just concepts or untested strategies. This is what Nathan Salmon is a specialist at he teaches you how to use tried and tested methods which will place you and your brand in the ‘Eye of the Storm.’Long gone are the days where you could just do shotgun marketing and expect an okay
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