What are some best practices for indicating breadcrumbs?

Bauer from Hamburg, Germany asks: “Google is showing breadcrumb URLs in SERPS now. Does the kind of delimiter matter? Is there any best practice? what character to use best?”

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  1. Yeah, he doesn’t say which delimiter is bestļ»æ and although it sounds like he’s saying it doesn’t matter what the hierarchical links are delimited by he’s still not very clear about it.

  2. What part of “Which is better?” do you not understand?

    He gave examples and you never answered the question. Not opportunity to explain the vageness of your projects, but it would be nice to get a straight answer once in a while, Matt.

  3. Matt, i’m still not sure what the answer is? Could you make another video please, clearly explaining what webmaster need to do?

  4. Matt, you didn’t answer the question.

    You eventually said to “make sure that it is a set of delimited links” — but Bauer wanted to know what are good and bad ways of delimiting them. Does an ellipse between each link help demarcate them, or will Google think that’s a regular sequence of linked text rather than a hierarchical navigational aid? What about a stylish small icon drawn in with CSS, which would mean there’s no plain text splitting up the links? See where I’m going with this?

  5. Thanks,

    where we can ask you questions like this?

    btw, you look fat without hair lol

  6. How does one submit a question to you? I could not find any contact form or email address for submitting a question to Google, and I used Google to search, still could not find it.

  7. In other words, let your URL reflect the hierarchy and help google fetching the most used way for displaying breadcrumbs.

    Kind of if three almost similar links with a easy computable make up of hierarchy … this is most likely the breadcrumbs.

    I personally use delimiters depending on the style of the site. So it alters, sometime > othertimes | or even images.

    Google was an will surely be able to understand all ways. They always did. šŸ˜‰

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