Whiteboard Friday – Why Your Viral Content Isn’t Working

www.seomoz.org. Rand discusses what it takes to make viral content and linkbait hit home with users in order to gain links to boost your rankings, rather than just landing on the front pages of social media sites.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Learn how to use Webmaster Tools as if you were the SEO for www.googlestore.com. We’ll show you how to utilize Search queries, reduce duplicate content, and maximize PageRank and other ranking signals to your important pages.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 Replies to “Whiteboard Friday – Why Your Viral Content Isn’t Working”

  1. Randy never fails to amuse me while giving the right approach in building links. Now I have an idea on how I can maximize the use of social media sites to enable people to link to my content. Thanks Randy!

  2. hi Maile ohye…………..
    its very nice video… can i please get yours email address for more help i am php developer and these day working on SEO……….

  3. Hi, I have tried to follow this but when I yellow star my products and sign back in to Google Master Central there is no option to just list the yellow stars, am I doing something wrong?

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  8. Hi Maile, I have tried to verify few things as you suggest in this video. They are:
    1)selected ‘star’ icon to some of my popular keywords in the Search queries option
    2)checked my Page Speed in Site performance.

    In the first one, I could just select the ‘star’ but I couldn’t get “Stared” link at the top as explained by you! Instead Top queries & Top pages are there by default!
    And in the second step, I don’t find the “Load time” link but just the URL!
    Could you please explain this?

  9. I think, they should not let to present such beatiful girls such interesting subjects, it is very distracting :-O

  10. One of the best Google Webmaster videos I have watched! ūüôā
    It sounds less scripted

  11. Das problem ist, dass, das video ist auf englisch,und k√∂nnen wir nicht vertehen,k√∂nnen Sie nicht auf anderen sprachen √ľbersetzt werden; es w√§re seher hifsreich.

  12. It would be good if Webmaster Tools Actually worked as you describe. Where is the starred Queries Tab Gone? I don’t see it!

  13. Thanks Google, this was far more useful than a lot of the other SEO videos. Well done, massive improvement.

  14. I found this very helpful. Thank you for this. I’d love to see this turn into a series to see how you continue this ‘Google Store’ story from an SEO pov.

  15. Great video, you really laid forth a solid foundation to start with, there is so much information available inside it’s unbelievable.

    Thanks for making this video, you really helped get us off to a good start using Webmaster Tools.

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