Yahoo Is Delusional, Google Goes Whacky & Really Solid SEO Stuff – In this week’s recap, I kind of give it to Yahoo. They say I am “irresponsible” for saying they are not a search company when their own CEO said that?! Google’s brand search change is out of hand and then they do steaming search results, that’s whack! Google gave real time search a home page and additional features, including inclusion in Google Alerts. Google Maps updated their map review guidelines. Google News made a design change, keeps reverting back to old design. A study shows how important those meta descriptions are in your click through rates. Google & SEOs have one of the best duplicate content and pagination discussions ever. Google gives some deep insights into what makes content unique. GoogleBot was caught crawling from three different IPs. Is Google’s international filter not so national? Finally, there are three known AdWords bugs advertisers should be aware of. That was this week at the Search Engine Roundtable! So Sad: Yahoo Finally & Officially Gave Up On Search : Google Thinks Some Searches Are Worth A Single Domain Of Results : Google Gives Real Time Search A Home & More Features : Google Alerts Adds “Updates” Type Option : Google Updating Search Results As You Type : Google Maps Updates Review Guidelines : Google News Changes Again, Adds Collapsible Right Side : Study: META

Strong Heart Episode 18 Eng Subs Taecyeon ~ Junho ~ Yoona ~ Soo Young ~ Tiffany ~ Seo Hyun ~ Jung Yong Hwa ~ Lee Joon ~ Uee ~ Gahee ~ Narsha ~ Jea ~ Leeteuk ~ Eunhyuk ~ Shindong ~ Wheesung AND MANY MORE ~~ Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : TO DOWNLOAD ViKi DESKTOP PLUG IN :
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